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  Safety / Quality policy

All projects in "ARMATS" are worked out on the basis of programmed and approved policy of development in the domain of air navigation service in R.A., in which the foreground task is the provision of the state-of-the-art requirements concerning flight safety. Taking into account that preparation and implementation stages of the project realization have a definite role in the efficiency of the project development, special training and creation of competent group are to be carried out within the company to control the project implementation.
At the moment the following projects, with the common endeavors of directors and certain services, are being realized or are at the preparatory stage:

1.The project of implementation of Quality Management System and certification of the enterprise
A schedule on preparing the questions to claim on obtaining permission in autumn 2010 was approved according to the decree of the Government of RA about the Regulations on issuing permission to ATS and contiguous aids providing organizations and bodies. At the same time a program on measures of implementation of Quality management System is approved to carry out the certification of the enterprise in compliance with ISO 9001 standards in September 2011.

2."TRLK-11" en-route radar entire modernization project
In the frame of general strategy on surveillance systems carried out in the company an entire modernization of operating en-route radar "TRLK-11" is foreseen, which will result in principle a new solid crystal- based modern system.
This will enable to have low operational expenses and a system with high performance, final cost of which will be significantly lower in comparison with similar systems.

3. Project on "Safety Culture Assessment"
After having developed, published and implemented the Safety Management System requirements and procedures we recognized that it didn’t function efficiently. In the result of carried out analysis and our practice we realized that we would not be able to recognize and assess the real situation on safety without involving and active participation of our staff and therefore we would not be able to develop balanced decisions on its continuous improvement. We also realized that we wouldn’t be able to achieve that aim without implementation of appropriate Safety Culture.
In 2008 a project on "Safety Culture Assessment" was initiated. But in such a complicated domain as the Safety Culture is, when we often speak about the necessity to change the existing approaches, stereotypes and the attitude of the staff and management to detected defects, it would be less possible to achieve rapid results. More over, many of these issues and in particular, Just Culture implementation cannot be solved in the enterprise without involving the Regulator  (GDCA of RA) and without its support. Therefore these issues will remain urgent, so probably the project will act during the nearest period of some years.


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