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The policy of ARMATS is to comply its obligations with regard to Safety, which are laid down in the “Aviation Law” and other legal acts of the Republic of Armenia.
ARMATS shall follow also:

  • ICAO SARPS concerning Safety Management (Annexes 6, 11 and 13);

whilst regarding above mentioned as minimum requirements.
ARMATS will conduct its safety Policy in close partnership with the GDCA as well as through active cooperation with other ANSPs, airspace users and International Organisations.
ARMATS will afford the safety the highest priority. To this end Safety Objectives will be set, periodically assessed using predefined success criteria and revised accordingly.
The top management will make available the required resources and budget for the functioning of the Safety Management System.
The ARMATS SMS will be concerned with the ATM system (ground component) as a whole i.e. Equipment-Procedures and Humans.  The cooperation of ARMATS with the GDCA, International Organisations and with other directorates for the Safety issues shall be provided by the Director for Development and Strategies. The Head of the Safety Department (in Gumry - the Safety Responsible) shall be responsible for the implementation and day-to-day operation of the SMS. He shall ensure the organisation of safety awareness briefings for staff and distribution of relevant safety information, lesson dissemination.
Safety has to be achieved with the dedication of all Staff members who have safety responsibilities as detailed in their Job Descriptions. Staff representatives and Unions shall be consulted about issues that have a safety implication.
The ARMATS Safety Management shall be established according to the requirements of the “ATS order”, approved by the GDCA and shall incorporate both Reactive and Proactive components as stated in that order.
The ARMATS Safety Management will require a sound Documentation system.
The services, provided by the external suppliers shall NOT degrade the safety levels, otherwise achieved by ARMATS. To this end External services shall be assessed.


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