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Since 2005, ARMATS started implementation of the SMS in compliance with the ICAO and EUROCONTROL requirements. At the fist stage the cooperation with EUROCONTROL in the framework of SASI Project (Support to the ANSPs for implementation of SMS) was of great importance.
Commitments of Top-level Management are reflected in the ARMATS Safety Policy, according to which flight safety is afforded the highest priority in the activities of ARMATS. Our safety objective is to maintain and, where practicable, to improve the existing standards to achieve the highest level of flight safety performance.
ARMATS SMS comprises thw following arrangements :

Safety achievement.
Systems and processes are in place to ensure that hazards are assessed and reported and remedial actions are taken to mitigate and manage risk, which include:

    • An Internal Occurrence Reporting and Investigation System;
    • Meetings to discuss safety concerns;
    • Means of identifying and analyzing hazards and assessing risk to determine their causes and to implement corrective/mitigating actions;
    • Feedback from management about actions taken.
    • Ensuring the staff competence;

Safety Ensuring
The analysis, monitoring and documenting of the results on safety arrangements by implementing the following processes:

    • Monitoring and analysis of safety indicators.
    • Safety audits/surveys.
    • Documentation of the results of risk assessment and mitigation activities.
    • Maintenance of appropriate records about current condition of the equipment.

Safety Promotion.
Implementation of processes aimed  to enhance the safety by:

    • Improving the safety culture;
    • Providing  the Dissemination of Lessons Learned;
    • Encouraging the Involvement of all staff in actions improving the Safety Levels.

Second Safety Culture measurement results.

Besides the SMS procedures and processes development, the creation of an appropriate culture – Safety Culture is the base on which the system normal operation should be founded. The works carried out in the company in cooperation with our partners in that direction are oriented to achieve these goals and to the continuous improvement of SMS.


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