Activity/ Development/Training

  Safety / Quality policy

A qualified staff is the motive power of every successful and efficient company. This is our principle. The staff is one of the most important resources of the company and the expenses on it we consider as a long-term investment.
We do our best to train and promote each specialist according to definite purposes and tasks to provide the quantitative and qualitative needs for company staff.
The planning of ARMATS ATS staff training is based on regulatory requirements of ESARR 5 of EUROCONTROL and common European requirements of the European Union.
A regular assessment of the specialists’ knowledge and skills is held to provide the level of professional training of ATS staff in compliance with the mentioned requirements.
On the basis of analysis a training process is organized which includes theoretical and practical training both inside the company and in other training centers. In the frame of training we cooperate with our partners of the Training Center in Prague, MLS International College in Great Britain, Air Training Center and American University of Armenia.
In order to achieve an imitation of a real working situation in the training process in ARMATS the following simulators of ATC positions are implemented:

  • Aerodrome Control Tower (TWR),
  • Approach Control   (APP),
  • Area Control Center (ACC).


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