Starting from November 2004 the ATS procedures in full compliance with ICAO SARPs have been implemented. In accordance with the provisions of the new National Regulations the “Manual on Air Traffic Services”, “Manual On Radiotelephony Communication”, Local Instructions have been approved in the Company. Transition to feet system in vertical separation has been performed. 
In compliance with ECAC policy on harmonization of the      airspace over all Europe the airspace of Armenia above FL 195 was classified as class “C”.
During the recent years ATS route network has undergone considerable changes. ATS routes, in general, coincide with the direction of the main air traffic flow. In the result of fruitful cooperation in the air space of South Caucasus States and in Rostov FIR of Russian Federation RVSM has been implemented since March 17, 2005 in compliance with the table of cruising flight levels specified in Supplement 3 of Annex 2 of the Chicago Convention. Since April 2007 area navigation B-RNAV (RNP-5) has been implemented in the airspace of Armenia above flight level 195.




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