The en route navigation system provides aeronautical information for the aircraft flying within the airspace of RA.
The aerodrome navigation system provides aeronautical information for the aircraft flying in the aerodrome area, on approach, landing and take-off.
The navigation service is provided by the following radio facilities:

At “Zvartnots” airport in Yerevan

  1. CVOR-DME,
  2. ILS-DME   CAT II,
  3. LMM,
  4. ADF.

At “Shirak” airport in Gyumri

  1. DVOR-DME,
  2. ILS,
  3. LMM,
  4. ADF.

ATS Technical and Information Provision
The main activity of  technical and information provision services is the twenty- four- hour continuous monitoring, control and maintenance of ATS  provision technical aids , as well as  ATC center technical equipment, “Towers” in “Zvartnots” and “Shirak” airports.
Besides, the technical and information provision services operate the following equipment:

  1. AFTN communication center equipment,
  2. communication equipment with EAD,
  3. ATIS equipment,
  4. internal network, including 9 servers and more than 100 users.

   The following equipment is operated in Gyumri “Tower”:

  1. “Megaphone” digital voice communication control system,
  2.  “Master” automated working positions for air traffic control in “Tower” and “Approach” control positions,
  3. VHF  radio station. 

The main task of the surveillance service is the provision of high quality and continuous surveillance information for the positions and centers of ATC. The surveillance service provides double and in some areas of Yerevan FIR, triple surveillance coverage. The surveillance service consists of the following:

  1. en route surveillance radar “TRLK-11”,
  2. approach surveillance radar “IRTISH”,
  3. emergency ATC unit,
  4. multilateration surveillance system P3D, which consists of eleven receivers with central processing units in airports “Zvartnots” and “Shirak”,
  5. aerodrome surveillance radar “DRL-7CM” at “Shirak” airport.

The Communication service of “ARMATS” CJSC provides maintenance of radio and ground communication equipment for ATC.
The communication service includes:
- Radio communication system,
- Ground communication system.

The radio communication system provides:

  1. operation of remote receiving center,
  2. radio telephone communication of “Zvartnots” airport in Yerevan,
  3. microwave communication link with remote centers “Mravyan” and “Andranik”,
  4. microwave communication link with “Erebuni” airport ,
  5. microwave communication link with “TRLK-11”,
  6. communication with VHF car transceivers,
  7. maintenance and technical service of the mobile aeronautical and VHF car transceiver facilities.

The ground communication system provides:

  • internal telephone communication in the company,
  • communication with “Shirak” airport and information exchange between two multilateration surveillance systems P3D with  centers in “Zvartnots” and “Shirak” airports on leased digital channel E1,
  • voice communication within “ARMATS” sites and with other airport services, as well


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