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One flight supervisor position and three controllers’ positions are located in Yerevan ATC Centre from where area control, flight information as well as Zvartnots approach control services are provided within the Armenian airspace. Also a planner’s position is located in ATC Centre from where the following is carried out:

  • The management of the air traffic flows from the  Eurocontrol CFMU FMP terminal,
  • The civil-military coordination at tactical level (Airspace Management Cell-AMC), to ensure the flexible use of the airspace.

The following equipment is installed in the ATC Center;

  • ATC Automated system "EUROCAT-1000" (“Thales” company, France).
  • Automated control working positions “MASTER” (“Peleng”, Russia) for ATC on APP and ACC
  • Digital VCCS TXM-4400 ("THALES", France).
  • Voice communication satellite PhoneSAT ("DEUTSCHE PhoneSAT", Germany).
  • Central processor unit (CPU) of P3D multilateration system.
  • Voice and surveillance data recording digital system “Granite”.
  • Server for displaying “Krams” and meteo radar data on  ACC, APP, FIC and Supervisor’s position.
  • Automated working position   AFTN

“CHLORIDE” UPS system is installed in Yerevan ATC Centre (Italy) and the necessary microclimate is provided by air conditioning equipment "HIROSS" (Italy).
At Yerevan ATC Centre the surveillance data are available from three independent sources: P3D multilateration system, En-route radar “TRLK-11” and “IRTISH” radar. This ensures stable radar coverage within the whole Armenian airspace.   
The following additional functions (Safety Nets) are integrated into "EUROCAT-1000;

  • STCA - Short term conflict alert.
  • MSAW - Minimum safe altitude warning.
  • DAIW - Danger area infringement warning.
  • DI (Diversion) - Diverted track (route adherence monitoring).

   In Yerevan ATC centre VHF communication is provided by radio stations of   “Park Air Systems” company which are installed in radio transmitting and receiving centre as well as in VHF Remote center “Mravyan” and VHF Remote Center “Andranik”.


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