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Eduard Musoyan has been the Director General of “ARMATS” CJSC since November 1997, since the beginning of the separate functioning of the company. In his position as a Director General he is responsible for the management of the company’s operational and development activities.
    The operational technical equipment and infrastructures have been thoroughly modernised under his managerial control. Two new ATC Towers and Yerevan ATS Centre have been put in operation; ATS procedures in compliance with international standards and aeronautical information systems based on modern digital technologies have been implemented.
    Eduard Musoyan was born in 1948 in Yerevan. In 1973 he graduated from Yerevan Polytechnic Institute. He is an engineer-constructor-technologist of radio equipment. He is married and has two children.
    He began his career in 1966 in Yerevan radio technical college as a laboratory assistant. He has been working in the domain of civil aviation since 1969 in ATS  Communication service. From 1978 to 1993 he worked in the domain of microelectronics in different leading positions after which he again returned to civil aviation. From June 1993 to October 1997 he worked at “Zvartnots” airport in the position of the chief of ATS radio technical provision service. In the frame of reforms that took place in 1997 in civil aviation of Armenia, he was one of the founders of “ARMATS” company.

On April 4, 2013 Eduard Musoyan after longevous and unimpeachable work left for his acquired rest passing the shift to the next generation.

Director of Air Traffic Service
Avag Poghosyan is the Director of Air Traffic Service of ARMATS CJSC and has been managing Air Traffic Control Service since 1997 when the company was founded.
The scope of his responsibility, besides Air Traffic Services, includes the settlement of various issues on Airspace Management including the Civil-Military coordination, as well as the Air Traffic Flow Management in Yerevan Flight Information Region.
Within the period of his professional career he has been engaged in operational issues on Air Traffic Management to ensure safe and efficient Air Navigation Services. Along with this various activities on implementation of new principles and procedures of Air Traffic Services, based on ICAO Standards, as well as important steps for staff retraining and qualification upgrading have been taken under his leadership.
Avag Poghosyan graduated from Kirovograd Aviation College in 1969 and was qualified as an air traffic controller. He is a graduate of Leningrad Academy of Civil Aviation (1987).
From 1971-1980 he worked as an air traffic controller. In 1980 he was appointed ATC supervisor at the airport “Zvartnots”.
From 1993-1997 he held the position of Deputy Director General of ATC and CNS of the airport “Zvartnots”, at the same time carrying out the responsibility of the Head of ATC.

On April 28, 2011 the untimely death took away Avag Poghosyan who remained faithful and devoted to his work for ever.

Director for Development and Policy
Eduard Pilosyan has been Director for Development and Policy of ARMATS since 2004. His accountabilities are the coordination of strategies and development programs of the company, the safety and quality management, the AIS and the training of the staff. He has particularly worked on development and implementation of SMS processes and procedures, including the promotion of safety culture at the different levels in company in cooperation with GDCA, on development of QMS, the long term development strategies and medium term business plans of the Company.
He previously was the Head of the ATM Department and Board member of Civil Aviation Authority of Armenia (GDCA, 1994-2004), the founding director of Armenian Air Navigation Service Provider ARMATS in 1997. He was managing the development and implementation of the new Armenian regulatory framework in ATM based on ICAO SARPs, EUROCONTROL ESARRs and EU Regulations, comprising the Aviation law, the Airspace Management Regulations, the Safety Regulatory Requirements and others.
Eduard started his career in software design and took up various technical and managerial posts in computer and software design and development (1978-1994). He has University degree in mathematics and postgraduate degree in computer sciences, author of 7 scientific publications.

On November 29, 2010 Eduard Pilosyan untimely passed away, leaving enormous contribution in the development of “ARMATS” company and the Civil Aviation of Armenia in whole.












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