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EAD Regional Workshop 2013

The EAD Regional workshop 2013, dedicated on “How EAD enables the AIS to AIM Transition”, took place in ANI Plaza Hotel, Yerevan, Armenia on 06-07 November, 2013. As a host organization Armenian Air Traffic Services (“ARMATS”) in support of EUROCONTROL made great effort to organize this event and create good working environment.
About thirty AIS staff  delegates of different ANS organizations such as Kazaeronavigatsia (Kazakstan), Sakaeronavigatsia (Georgia), UkSATSE (Ukraine), MOLDATSA (Moldova), Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia (Kyrgyzstan), ARMATS (Armenia) took up the invitation of EUROCONTROL, supported by ARMATS, and participated in the regional workshop to share their background and professional experience with the others.

Due to the highly professional management of G.Liegeois, G. Haesevoets, V. Karpenko, S. Asatryan (EUROCONTROL) and G. Kranjec (EAD Group) and the good organizational skills of “ARMATS” AIS staff, lead by Director General A.Gasparyan, the workshop went off in accordance to meeting agenda and in a very friendly atmosphere.

         Many delegates presented their experiences on the different aspects of AIS to AIM Transition activities, made their comments on advantages and also to shortcomings of this transition process as well as made suggestions which were accurately recorded by EUROCONTROL representatives as a valuable feedback from users to improve and develop the system.

Interesting presentations regarding The European AIS Database – EAD” (G. Haesevoets),  “Static Data Operations for Data Providers – SDO DP” (S.Asatryan), “International NOTAM Operations – INO”  (V. Karpenko) and etc. gave not only the general overview of all EAD aspects but also threw daylight upon many complicated issues and misunderstandings.
The presentations on user experiences made by UkSATSE, MOLDATSA,  ARMATS were highly informative and useful for those delegates who are only at the beginning of process.

G.Liegeois called delegates to discuss and exchange information, which was an effective way to share experiences and to focus on pitfalls and how to overcome them. In addition, the delegates were given an opportunity to exercise on demo versions of the system, which was a very effective and obvious tool to gain new information.
All delegates were highly satisfied with the workshop content and the experience they got from the event. They appreciated the major role of EUROCONTROL in harmonizing and coordinating the activities of all ANS organizations and for organizing such effective events.

 As a good continuation of a warm atmosphere, in the evening the participants enjoyed the Farewell party served by ARMATS. All the members of the workshop left Armenia full of good memories and with an expectation of a new workshop on principal issues of Aeronautical Information and Aeronavigation.


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