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New ATM “GALAXY” system of “AZIMUT” JSC (Russian Federation) was installed in “ARMATS” CJSC in September, 2013. The system is interfaced with the following surveillance sensors: PSR, SSR, MLAT/WAM, ADS-B. Aircraft derived data are used for surveillance data processing and presentation of additional information in track labels (Indicated Airspeed, Selected Altitude and QNH , Magnetic Heading, Rate of Climb or Descent). The system is also interfaced with European Aeronautical Database (AIXM).

MONA, MTCD, APM, flexible vector, MPW, possibility of OLDI with adjacent FIRs, CPDLC, separate QNH areas for flights below transition level, automated update of flight plans and sending of DEP, ARR messages to CFMU are also engaged in the system. «GALAXY» simulator is  used as a back-up system as well.
In February, 2013 two-week courses for ATC instructors and technical staff were organised in Saint Petersburg,  after which they provided the necessary on-job training for the rest of the personnel.
And now the new «GALAXY» system is used for the provision of the air traffic services in the Armenian airspace and in the international airport «Zvartnots».

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On December 9, 2013 inauguration ceremony of the ATC operational hall, equipped with the latest technical means and “TOWER” control of “ Zvartnots” airport took place. The following  aviation authorities, representatives, guests and specialists took part in the ceremony: European and North Atlantic Office of ICAO, EUROCONTROL, “AZIMUTH” CJSC, Russian Federation , the United States, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan , Estonia , Lithuania , Bulgaria and Georgia. They warmly congratulated their Armenian colleagues on this occasion wishing them further fruitful work and safe sky.






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