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“ARMATS” CJSC complies with International Aviation Standards

Today, Mr. Artyom Movsesyan, Head of GDCA (General Department of Civil Aviation), has officially handed a certificate to Mr. Artur Gasparyan, Director General of ''ARMATS'' CJSC, certifying that the company has an authorization to carry out service activities. The document ensures that ''ARMATS'' CJSC professional and technical preparedness corresponds to the criteria defined by the Legislation of the Republic of Armenia and the Convention on ''International Civil Aviation''. The document is delivered for the proper provision of air traffic services (ATS), communication navigation, and surveillance (CNS), as well as aeronautical information service (AIS). This requirement has originated from article 11 of the Aviation Law of the Republic of Armenia and has been fulfilled according to Government’s decision N 744-N of June 19, 2008 approved “The regulation of giving authorization to the organizations providing air traffic management, communication, navigation and surveillance, meteorological services for air navigation, aeronautical information service”. It’s worth mentioning that the certificate given to “ARMATS” company fully complies with EC 1035/2011 European regulation requirements.





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