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To the centennial memorial of the Armenian Genocide

The historical novel «Origins. Discovery of an Australian aviator Len Wicks

The staff of “ARMATS” CJSC, on the General Director Artur Gasparyan’s intiative in connection with the 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide, supports the historical novel “Origins. Discovery” written by Australian author Len Wicks. You can find information about the book or the entire book in website. You can also find the image of the novel in Facebook or Twitter sites. The novel has been released in the English language in both e-book and paperback forms through twenty different organizations. It has already been published in Armenian language. The author anticipates inviting the attention of the world to the fact of Armenian Genocide on the eve of 100th anniversary of that tragic event.
“ARMATS” CJSC approves and supports the historical novel “Origins. Discovery” and expresses the deepest gratitude to the author Len Wicks and his wife Armine Hakobyan for their interest and sympathy to our nation and our history.



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