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Chiefs of services

Technical Director
Gevorg Simonyan has been the technical director of “ARMATS” CJSC since 2004.  His responsibilities include ATS radio technical provision (communication, navigation, surveillance, power supply, technical and information provision). Alongside the above-mentioned responsibilities,  G. Simonyan is also in charge of  technical modernization works  in compliance with European requirements. He also deals with improvement  of the procedures which provide  reliable and safe work for the radio technical  aids.
From 1992 till 2002 G. Simonyan worked as a leading specialist in the ATM department of the GDCA of RA. While working there he was responsible for the development and introduction of the radio technical provision and ATM documents.
From 2002 till 2004 G. Simonyan was the technical deputy director in “ARMATS” CJSC.
After graduating from Kiev’s civil aviation engineering institute, he started to work as an en-route surveillance radar engineer in radio technical equipment operational base of Yerevan joint aviation detachment.
From 1981 till 1991 he worked in different managing positions in the radio technical equipment and communication service.
He is the author of over 20 technical innovation proposals.

Air Traffic Services Director
Artur Papoyan was born on June 8, 1973 in the town of Echmiadzin.
In 1997 he perfectly graduated from “Air Traffic Controller” department of “Aviation Training Centre” CJSC of the General Department of  Civil Aviation at the Government of RA.
Artur Papoyan has started his work experience  in  “ARMATS” CJSC   since June, 1998. At the beginning he worked as a Tower control operator in Company’s Air Traffic Control(ATC). In July, 1999 - controller in Company’s ATS Planning Service. In February, 2002- ACC controller in ATC Centre, later he became a senior controller of the same centre.
In 2008 he graduated from Riga’s Air Navigation Institute by correspondence, later at the same Institute he received his Master degree obtaining the qualification of an engineer of Air Traffic Control.
In December, 2008  he was appointed to the position of a Flight Supervisor in ATC Centre.
According to the decision  made by the General Department of Civil Aviation at the Government of RA he has been appointed ATS Acting Director since June 1, 2013. He is married and has got  two sons and a daughter.

Personnel and Affairs Management Director
Gayane Markosyan was born in Yerevan, on September 25, 1967.
After finishing secondary school N82, she entered Yerevan Institute of National Economy and graduated from it in 1990.
In the same year she began her professional career. She was appointed the head of the planning and economy department of ''Ptughbanjar'' incorporation in the region after 26 commissars of Yerevan. Then she worked as an economist at Arabkir's branch of ''Ardshininvest'' Bank.
Since June, 2006 Gayane Markosyan has been working in the field of civil aviation of the Republic of Armenia. She has been the chairman of the audit committee of ''ARMATS'' CJSC. And since 2012 she has become the Company’s financial director.
Gayane Markosyan is married and has got two sons.

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